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No.5 The Film was a 2004 production for Chanel by the brilliant and creative Baz Luhrman. It was post the success of Moulin Rouge and in the starring role, none other than his beautiful and talented muse, Nicole Kidman.

Watching it now is kind of like watching a 1970’s James Bond film and expecting it to still knock your socks off. Truth be told, I remembered the No. 5 The Film as quite seductive and beautifully produced. I would like to think that if they had to redo this film in 2013, the content would be more intriguing, more complicated; a bit more like an actual film with a thought-through plot and characters. (Jaguar did this really well with “Desire”).

The Chanel film was more like a glorified, really expensive 180-second advert at the time. In fact, I believe it was called “a new breed of advertising”. Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian had a future-focused view and called it: “No 5 is not an ad, it seems, but a celebrity-enriched piece of exquisite corporate art that celebrates luxury goods”.

In addition, it was also treated like an advert as it was initially only screened in cinemas during the “Coming Attractions” as a 3-minute advertisement. An edited 30-second advert for TV was used more than a year later as an extension to the then-successful, campaign. However, what they lacked was online distribution – the viral element was totally missing!

Today, it seems like a ludicrous waste to not display an expensive piece of content on all possible media platforms; however this was due to social media not being in 2004 what it is today, so the vehicle itself wasn’t really available.

Watch the 3-minute cinema version here. However, Tim Nudd’s article in Adweek online takes a more cynical and rather hilarious viewpoint.

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