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Hard sell is dying.

Consumers no longer relate to intrusive messaging via different media platforms, every minute of every day. The era of interruption marketing is OVER.

Consumers filter, avoid and at best, only selectively pay attention to messages they actually want to receive. Marketers need to be far more subtle and serve useful, relevant information to a targeted consumer.

There has been a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour:  Consumers are more in control of what information they receive and how or when they receive it than ever before. They are relying on Google, their social media networks and their friends to source reviews and recommendations on products they plan to buy. This is why traditional advertising is no longer capable of doing the job it once did.

THIS is why it is essential for brands to have sufficient product information available on their websites  and to ensure that this information is engaging, relevant, updated and shared. The bottom line is that if you don’t offer the information the consumer is looking for, a competitor will. In addition, Google now places larger emphasis for website ranking on original, shared, engaging content and on brands that appear in multiple areas of the internet, i.e. social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

While the main purpose of most marketing efforts is to drive sales, content marketing employs a ‘softer’, indirect approach. The focus is on educating, entertaining, and delivering value to the consumer and nothing is more engaging than a compelling story.  By telling an engaging story, we build the brand’s authority on the subject and a relationship of trust with the consumers.

Contentum uses the art of brand storytelling to convey the brand’s unique heritage and environment in a compelling way. A great example of content marketing in action is the Red Bull stratos jump.

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