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Content Marketing for Furniture Brands (part 1)

As a category, furniture brands lend themselves to a wide variety of creative marketing options. So when it comes to content marketing, small changes can have a really big effect on brand perception and even on your bottom line.

Here are a few pointers to make your furniture website ‘work harder’ and how to be more relevant. It is important for your website to be USEFUL to your users, and the best way to ensure this is, is to look at it from the user’s point of view – to consider their needs when creating features and areas of your website:

  • Good… no, GREAT images of the pieces. Nothing beats a beautifully photographed product to make a viewer look twice and to create desire within the viewer.
  • Images where furniture is used in a room setting (this type of image inspires the same way a recipe on a food product does!).
  • Hero pieces, “must-haves”: One special piece is highlighted as the best value for money or most popular piece of the season. It gives your reader a starting point on your website which can otherwise be overwhelming and confusing.
  • Opportunity for the customer to create a wish list. This is something they can either keep working on or save for future use to remind them of the pieces they love. Some websites allow you to print this like an invoice so you may have the product number and price on one document.
  • Predictive product suggestions: “You liked the Waki bed in our Teak range, so we would like to recommend the beautiful bedside table from the same range”.

As you can see we love what we do and sometimes we need more space.  Please visit us again for our concluding remarks in part 2 tomorrow.

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