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We continue with a few pointers to make your furniture website ‘work harder’ and how to be more relevant.

  • To be able to shop online, once you’ve enjoyed a browse in-store or on the website, is obviously first prize. An offer to deliver your purchases at your home for a reasonable fee, is the stuff of dreams.
  • A trade programme to entice interior decorators, designers, architects, other possible loyal buyers to buy at reduced prices or with a personal service.
  • Online registration to open a store account.
  • A newsletter and/or blog with relevant, useful information. Your newsletter should not just be an advertising vehicle. This should be used to illustrate your knowledge and stamp your authority on the broader category in which your brand competes.
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. The available channels are growing by the day – the key is to find the right channel for your brand; and to then use it correctly, frequently enough and populate it with good quality information and images. Most importantly, is to make sure the information and images on your website is sharable through social media.
  • Free downloads: Desktop wallpaper, wallpaper of the pieces on your wish list, anything desirable that will remind client of your brand.
  • Incentive or rewards programme that will reward regular buyers with gifts, further discounts, special treatment, etc.
  • Most important of all:  The Brand Story. Otherwise known as the ‘About us’ section, this is an excellent way to establish an emotional connection with the visitor. Give them something to relate to; a story that resonates and touches; a story they want to be part of and contribute to in the future. A connection point.

If you have a furniture business and would like us to do a free content audit of your website to identify weaker areas and to create more areas of engagement, please contact us on info@contentum.co.za.

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