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It amazes me how many accomplished brands still take the ‘sales brochure’ approach to their website content, i.e. product and price. Most brands don’t offer reasons to stay on their website beyond showcasing their products. This makes for a very poor ‘sales presentation’ as there is no opportunity to emotionally connect with the visitor.

This is really important if you intend to:

(a) sell them something,
(b) expect them to be a repeat purchaser and more importantly,
(c) if you want them to tell their friends about their purchase with confidence.

What if you went a little further and offered content around your product? You need content that will complement your product, perhaps show the client how to use the product and to offer some interesting, little-known facts that your client may find useful. This kind of information provides real value to the visitor and gives them yet more reasons to visit your website again. It shows that you know your target audience and understand their needs.

Think about your ‘obvious’ content as the nucleus and the ‘expanded’ content as a circle around the core (nucleus).

The core content is the obvious product information (users still need the product-and-price element) but the expanded content builds trust, relationships and brand advocacy.

Let’s look at a few examples:

– Furniture: Instead of the standard product-and-price approach, what about writing a blog about how to decorate small spaces, or how to pull off the latest décor trends on a budget?
– Sports retailer: A blog that covers current running and training techniques, or a Facebook page with running routes for the locals, or getting users to share their top training and nutrition tips.
– Property: Aside from listing the properties you have for sale, a property website would do well to expand their content offering to include décor and renovation tips.

The trick is to use your brand positioning or unique brand story to lead with your choice of content, for example: if you are selling jewellery and get most of your business from engagement rings, your content could take a romantic angle; but if you sell mostly woman’s necklaces and tennis bracelets, you could assume that your sales are mostly gift-giving or self-purchase, then a blog profiling accomplished, successful women in an inspiring way would be more relevant.

Regardless of the brand, there is a unique angle to discover and every brand has the opportunity to provide useful and relevant information to their customers (beyond the product-and-sales information) on an appropriate ‘owned’ media platform (company website, company Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, etc). This will establish your brand as interesting and trustworthy, which makes your customers come to you instead of you spending millions on advertising in paid media with little engagement or sales.

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