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This is Contentum’s first blog post!

We tell brand stories. This basically means that we produce engaging and synergistic content across all client communication platforms to tell a uniform and interesting story about the brand.

One of my favourite stories ever is by Ernest Hemingway. The eccentric writer once wrote this story in response to a challenge to write a complete story in just six words, supposedly for the price of his bar bill (typical of Hemingway!):

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Now, you do not want your brand story to be that cryptic but what I admire about this piece of writing, is that it says so much in so few words. It is this outstanding feature that I admire in good storytellers:  A story doesn’t have to be long and overly descriptive for it to be considered well written. Often simple language communicates far more accurately. You have to admit that this story is indeed intriguing.

You want to ask:

What happened?

Why were the shoes never worn?

Did the baby die?

Why are they selling the shoes?

Only six words and it set your mind off in search of the rest of the story. It is the human condition to seek for completeness and understanding of mysterious circumstances.

This is what we aim to achieve at Contentum:

Simple language.

Clear messaging.

Engaging stories.


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