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Your website’s home page is like a hotel’s reception desk. You want your guest to see a friendly face and to feel welcome from the minute they arrive. The check-in process should be easy and smooth, and there should be sufficient assistance available from the porter or directional signage to make finding your room simple and easy. Once in your room, there should be a clear guide that explains in which drawer they have placed the hair dryer, if they have room service and what they offer on their menu, and where you can find your favourite Movie Magic channel.

So, let’s translate: The page should seem ‘friendly’, not overwhelming, confusing and filled with a ton of information.

In fact, your home page should ideally not contain a lot of information but rather useful information which should answer all the obvious questions:

  • Who is this company and what do they do?
  • What services do they offer, what problems do they solve?
  • How do I take this further, who do I contact – what is the next step?

Next, you should easily be able to find features of each product or service including its price. The products should be well-differentiated and identifiable by a clear image. It should be easy to order and pay for the product you choose, and delivery details should be clear.

Home page content should be focused around the needs of your customers. They want to know what you can offer them along with a basic overview of your product or service offering and its benefits (note: benefits, NOT features). The temptation is always there to tell the whole history of your company on the home page but this urge should be tempered. That is what the ‘About Us’ section is for!

By using images, you can break up the text and lend creativity and colour to your brand story. Try to use your own photos and preferably not stock images, if possible. It just comes across as more authentic.

Basically, your homepage should fulfill 3 main purposes:

  1. Convey your key message, i.e. your business’s unique value proposition
  2. Persuade the visitor to venture deeper into your website
  3. To incorporate your main keywords for SEO

You will only have a few seconds to capture the visitor’s attention and get them to venture deeper in your website by clicking on further pages, so it’s important that you make your content easy to read by making it scannable and designing strong calls to action. Your home page design should direct the user’s attention to areas of the website where you want them to go. One way to do this is by enlarging certain words or areas so it stands out against some of the other smaller text.

For further guidance on how to give your home page a modern layout and design that will draw visitors deeper into your website and ultimately commit to a sale, contact Contentum for a consultation today.