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There is a huge difference between content that gets read (and shared) and content that doesn’t. Assuming that the same piece of content is being used, the differentiating factor is design.

It is important that your design or layout and text complement each other. The design and layout of a piece of content (images and text) will determine whether your visitors take the time to read the content on your website and how long they remember what they read.

Your visitors have busy lives, so they are selective about what they spend their precious time on. If a web page looks overwhelming or if it’s hard to scan, the reader will not be lured into reading, even if it is a beautifully written piece of content!

So, let’s consider 8 key points that will get your content read, understood and hopefully, shared:

1. Keep it short and simple. Sentences that are too long and hard to follow will be abandoned halfway through. Large, dense blocks of text look overwhelming and time-consuming. Break it up into shorter paragraphs in order to make it easy to scan. Keep the design simple and clear.

2. Use a font that is easy to read in a large enough size. Your chosen font should complement your website design.

3. Use italics and bold phrases you want to highlight and add links to complementing pieces of content to draw interaction from your readers.

4. Spend some time crafting subheads. It serves an important purpose in captivating your readers and inviting them to read more. It also breaks up page and helps the reader to anticipate deeper content. So give them a reason to stop and read!

5.  Use beautifully photographed images. Research has shown that the average person is only able to remember 10% of a piece of content without an image and 35% when there is just an image on the page (without text). However, memory retention increases to 65% if the content includes an image and well-designed layout.

6. Layout is of crucial importance. As mentioned earlier, a large chunk of content can look very overwhelming. Use bullets to break up a listing of consecutive events or facts.

7. Keep your website design and tone of voice consistent. This builds trust with your reader and develops a clear brand identity in their minds.

8. Always end with a call-to-action. Tell them what you want them to do: “click here to get a quote; go to this page for further details; book your tickets here”. Ask them for exactly what you want them to do.

Contact CONTENTUM (www.contentum.co.za) to apply these points to your website in order to increase interaction and influence sharabilty of your content today: info@contentum.co.za