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Content marketing presents an opportunity for cost effective marketing efforts that can be quantified by tracing the performance of your website and social media platforms over time. Through measuring consumer interaction with your platforms and the number of visitors to your website (plus how many pages they tend to visit), you can easily track the progress of a content marketing campaign.

The bonus is that such a campaign costs a fraction of an above the line campaign and will grow steadily over time, if sustained. As an example, a television campaign will temporarily boost numbers and then over time level out in awareness again. Content marketing is a sustainable marketing partner for any brand, big or small that will result in a two-way conversation that will draw visitors into your brand story.

So, how does it work, exactly?

Very simply put:

Google ranks original, regularly updated and sharable content higher than regular, stale, boring content which lowers your website ranking. Along with a bit of basic and on-going SEO, your brand is well on its way to growing your business without blowing the budget!

This new and refreshed content will result in increased traffic to your website. This means more people learning about your brand – an overall increase in awareness of your product/brand – plus more people interacting with your other digital channels like newsletters, blogs and social media platforms.

Higher traffic will also impact your conversion rate (sales!) and by publishing top quality content this will elevate the credibility of your brand establishing you as a leader in your industry.

It really is as simple as that.

Throw into the mix a CONTENTUM content strategy based on your brand’s marketing and business objectives, and you have a recipe for 2013 business success!

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