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The content (what we say) and tone (how we say it) on social media platforms should be different from the content published on your company website. The reason is simply this: we engage differently with corporate websites to the way we connect with social websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The content on company websites serve a different purpose. We expect to find informative (product) and lifestyle (how to) content, reasons to trust (credibility) and to buy (brand promise) on company websites. These websites should be designed to make the best impression on the visitor so that they will remember and return.

However, social media websites are about participation, two-way dialogue, openness, conversation, community and connectedness. People engage with social media websites daily from the time they open their eyes, on their way to work, while they are shopping, to posting random comments. Thus, sharing on social media websites are part of our daily lives.

So how does a company build a social media presence?

Seth Godin, marketing guru says, “Tribes are what matters now.”

He shares four steps to build a social media strategy. Click here to watch the video.

Step 1: Tell a story

Give them a reason to listen to you.

Step 2: Connect a Tribe

Give them a reason to belong.

Step 3: Lead a movement

Do something and get them involved.

Step 4: Make change

Make a difference and let them be part of something big.

Building your social media presence takes time, effort and dedication. However, our experience has taught us that companies need expertise to deal with unexpected and unwanted sharing too. So why not email info@contentum.co.za for a social media content quote and get your customers sharing in a safe communal space.

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