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Ideally, you want everyone who lands on your website to visit again. Even though the displayed content might be useful, if it is presented in a copy-dense and bland manner, visitors will leave almost immediately. The bottom line is that most websites (platforms) and accompanying content does not work hard enough.

It’s not enough that your customers land on your website and find the product or contact information they were seeking. Are they drawn in to consider other products they might be unaware of? Are they proud to be associated with your brand? Will they recommend your brand to others around the dinner table and will they share via social media channels? Are you giving your customers a reason to support you with their hearts and minds?

Think good design and user-journey

Within less than a minute of landing on your website, visitors will decide if they are going to stay or not. Your website needs to have inviting elements such as professional imagery, interactive buttons, display exciting offers, enough white space and readable copy. Your website visitor must not think, just do; so make it easy for them. Anticipate your customer’s next step.

We call this the user-journey or the click-path.

A good example is the Net-A-Porter app, the homepage is very intuitive and simple to navigate and focuses on both shopping and entertainment particulary for those iPad users who use their device during leisure time at home.

Treat each page as a landing page; not just the home page.

Consider each page of your website to be a customer landing page and not just the home page. Search engines will send customers to your website via the back door (website article pages) based on search query keywords. This means that each page must be visually inviting and customer centred.

Think customer first.

Marketing Sherpa (2005) found that marketers who consistently test and tweak their landing pages see an average (conversion) lift of 40%.

Conversion is the result of converting prospects into customers or getting visitors to do what you want them to do, or perform a desired goal. Desired goals can be: signing up for a newsletter, downloading a white paper or registering to a database.

This is what CONTENTUM can do for you.

Choose CONTENTUM for your Content Marketing.

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