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Are you winning online visitors to your website daily or weekly? Can you afford not to direct some of the search queries to your website if your business can give them what they are looking for? In other words, is your business switched off to online leads or sales?

Since Google is the number one website in the world, the go-to destination (or aggregator) for current and relevant information, it’s hardly surprising that the volume of search queries has increased by 37% from January 2012 to December 2014 in South Africa alone.

Surprisingly though, is the 39% increase in e-commerce search queries for the same period. This indicates that online users are becoming more and more comfortable with the online shopping process. The trend is to start off making small purchases and then, once online shoppers are more comfortable and trust the process better, move onto bigger and in some cases, offshore purchases. This can have a big impact on businesses that are able to facilitate online sales or respond to online queries timeously that will result in sales.

When you invest in a monthly search ads campaign, you are allowing online users to find you on Google or search engines 24/7. Online shoppers can go online at anytime, anywhere and everywhere. They are no longer constrained by real estate (retail stores) and store hours. Do you have a plan in place to win virtual traffic, whether it is mobile or online?

There are 2 main reasons for being ‘always on’:

1. You can drive traffic to your website and introduce them to your brand: When potential customers land on your website, it’s because they are interested in a specific product or service that your business can provide. If they have not heard about your brand or business before, this is an opportunity for them to learn more through reading your website content. Website content should reassure the visitor that your business is credible and if this is achieved, your brand moves from being unknown to being considered for a possible future purchase.
2. Once users land on your website, their queries can generate leads or sales: Some users might be in purchase process and if businesses don’t consistently drive traffic to their website, it becomes a lost opportunity as users will be directed to your competitors’ websites.

The setup of search ads is relatively a simple process:

• Certain keywords relating to your products or services need to be identified. Next, we need to find out if these keywords have search volume. This is done through Keyword Planner.
• Once your keywords are selected or finalised, Google Adwords gives you an indication of the first page bidding price which allows you to increase your bids accordingly so Google can start serving your ads for users to see.

The advantage of using search ads is that users deem Google to have qualified the results. When users search on Google and your search ads are displayed on the results page (preferably on the first page), users are more inclined to click on those.

The ideal position is to be listed in the top 3 ad positions or on the screen (above the fold, where no scrolling is required). Your budget will play a big role in your average search ads position but one can focus on less expensive keywords that still have a fair amount of search volume and in this way, improve your search ad position.

A small budget should not stop you spending on search ads; in fact, once you start seeing the immediate benefits, it might be the only advertising in which you will invest!

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