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Search engines, blogs and social media sites give the customer direct access to your brand, whether it is products or services, or how other customers have experienced them. Therefore the reputation of your brand is in the hands of your customers! It is out of your control but you can lead and influence it. To do this you need to be communicating updated information through all your touch points in a meaningful manner. Why not start, first and foremost, through your digital presence: your website.


Marketing Communication 101:

Firstly, brand messages and stories are created to raise brand awareness. Why? If there is no brand awareness, then there is no brand.

Secondly, customers want to know what to expect from a brand: how they will benefit from using your brand, what the brand stands for, how the brand will make them feel when they use or own it, what recourse they have if they don’t like the brand, as well as how much the brand costs and where it can be purchased.

Brand messages and stories build brands in the hearts and minds of your customers¹.


Content communicates:

Is your website content addressing your customers’ questions and concerns? Customers are curious and they want to have their informational needs satisfied. Your website content can either be positive or negative reinforcements of why your customers choose your brand over your competitors. Therefore it is vital that all website content is accurate and up to date.


Engaging content is not expensive; it’s an investment into your brand bank account.

Copy + images + video = customer engagement.

The rapid rise of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are proof that our customers engage in visual marketing. Why not refresh your website content more regularly and think more ‘engagement’?


You have 30 seconds to make an impression on your website visitor. Can you afford not to?

¹Integrated Marketing Communications, Hans Ouwersloot and Tom Duncan

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