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A good way to begin to describe what content marketing really is would be to say that it is the ‘commercialisation of the words you publish to tell your brand story’. What most marketers don’t realise is that to build successful digital communities, you need to have the follow basics on your website:

1. Firstly, all the basic product information and images about your brand and product/s, where to buy it and what it costs. This is regarded as foundation content and the reason for your existence.

2. Then you need second tier information about your events, contact information, perhaps a link to your facebook page and a sign-up form for your newsletter. Most websites do not go beyond this point. You are now making useful information available to your website visitors and encouraging them to return for further updates for further involvement.

3. Now you also need to have good solid, factual as well as lifestyle articles relating to your products, its environment or audience. This is where you become a publisher of sorts; you need to anticipate further questions and uses for your products and be the best supplier of information about these topics. You need to add to this information on a weekly basis as you will need enough links to share via social networks. You are now building content relevance and brand engagement.

4. Once you have selected the social media communities you would like to create for your brand, you need to commit to it by posting regular updates and responding to questions and comments.  You also need to make all the information on your website shareable so your reader can share an article she/he likes with her/his network on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or simply email it. You are now encouraging interaction and dialogue with your readers.

5. In order to keep your online communities engaged, you need to offer useful information and host regular competitions, polls and other interactive tools. You are now actively working towards customer retention.

6. You need to be cognisant of the words used to search for your product or brand. These need to be worked into your articles, updates, posts as naturally as possible so the association between your brand and these words become stronger and stronger, which will positively affect your search enging ranking. You are now optimizing your content for search engines so that it ranks highly on organic search engine results pages.

7. Basic SEO should have been done when your site was designed but you need to constantly work on tagging the correct keywords and run seasonal Google Adwords campaigns to assist potential buyers to find you when searching for information about the product they intend to purchase. You are now optimizing your content for customer conversion.

This is only the beginning.

Contentum is geared to make a huge difference to your website so that it works hard for your brand.

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