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Did you ever see the movie ‘Sliding Doors’?

After the main character (Gwyneth Paltrow) misses her train on the London Underground, the plot splits in two parallel universes illustrating the separate path her life would have taken if she boarded the train.

With the idea of parallel universes in mind, let’s consider the story of Joanne:

Joanne is the owner of a relatively successful property agency in Cape Town. She is responsible for marketing her business with the objective of differentiating herself in a very crowded market and growing her business.

This is where the story splits in two:

In the first example, she decides to just carry on advertising her business the way she always has before.

Joanne knows that the property market is quite tough and she is getting some business for the moment. She places her advertising in the local and regional newspapers (which costs a fortune!), checks that the details of the properties she sells are updated and diligently organizes one show house after another.

However, her business just doesn’t seem to grow. She still has to work very hard to get people to take notice of the properties for sale and to encourage property buyers to attend show houses. Joanne can’t seem to understand the stagnation she faces as she is doing everything that other agents are doing. She feels frustrated about spending a whole lot of money on advertising but not seeing any growth…..

Tune in for the next instalment of “Sliding Doors Part 2” to read the solution to Joanne’s business marketing challenges..

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