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….In the second universe (based on the Sliding Doors movie) Joanne decides to change her advertising tactics: She employs a content marketing business and they make the following easy suggestions:

  • Instead of only uploading photographs on the website, she starts posting short video clips to show and explain the unique features of each house.  Now people can view the house without coming to the show house in the comfort of their own home!
  • They recommend that she adds QR codes to her FOR SALE signs with a click-through to a basic mobile site where the size, number of bedrooms/bathrooms/garages, size of garden and other key information are hosted for each home. This is easy for her to update and the mobile site clicks straight through to her email address where people can leave their details so she may contact them. Brilliant way to generate leads!
  • Joanne also starts a Facebook page and Twitter account where she can list her latest properties with links back to her site. She follows all the local businesses in her area and she makes sure she supports their promotions by retweeting interesting facts and specials; in return, they start supporting her!

These changes have the effect of establishing Joanne as a familiar face in the area – people starting greeting her at gym, coffee shops and while walking her dog! Business starts to find her instead of her always trying to hunt business down. Furthermore, she decides to write a weekly blog about how to choose the best property for your family; what areas are faring better than others and why; what to look for when you buy a property, etc. She finds that people sign up for her blogs and compliments her on the excellent information she so freely gives away. They start trusting her opinion and she even gets a call from the local journalist to supply a quote for a key property article in the weekend newspaper.

This is a good example of how content marketing will ensure that your business stands out and gets your target market talking.

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