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Did you know that 1 in 3 internet users worldwide is a brand advocate? Why is this important?

Brand advocates tend to be vocal, trusted and are well-networked. They tend to have a strong presence on social networks and are highly regarded. This enables them to influence products and brands. The internet gives those communicative consumers a voice and helps them to be seen and noticed. Social currency carries more weight than any owned media message. Plus, they know how to use the internet to get and spread information.

Fact: 50% of brand advocates spend at least a few days researching an upcoming purchase
These people know the value of honest reviews and would happily share their views about their favourite brands, on- and offline. They feel their contribution can make a difference to their fellow consumers who are still in the consideration phase. Others, on the other hand, regard brand advocates as trendsetters and therefore feel that their opinions carry some weight. Since brand advocates pride themselves on having their finger on the pulse, they are more likely than others to become aware of new products through the Internet. In addition, they research extensively about products and brands before making a purchase decision.

Fact: 2 in 3 brand advocates use the internet to inform potential purchases
2 out of 3 brand advocates seek information online about products they would like to buy. Search engines as well as brand websites are an important part of the research process when making a purchase decision.

Fact: 40% of brand advocates use a smartphone during the purchase process
Smartphones are used by nearly 2 in 5 brand advocates throughout the entire purchase journey, from early inspiration (45%) to comparing products (40%) and seeking advice (40%).

Fact: 1 in 5 brand advocates discuss their purchase experiences online
Their highly communicative nature continues after purchase. 19% of brand advocates share their experiences online in their networks i.e. twice as many as non-brand advocates. 14% post a review online (compared to just 8% among non-brand advocates.)

Fact: 17% of brand advocates say YouTube content is more relevant than TV content
They like to watch videos online while out and about with their friends and YouTube, being the second largest website in the world, is particularly appropriate as a channel for addressing and activating this target group.
Investing in a relationship with this influential group opens up a new channel for brands to gain insight into their products and for sharing their messages.


Source: Consumer Barometer 2015

Author: Gillian Loos