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Email communication is probably one of the most widely used digital channels to connect and engage with your customers today. Why? Email was adopted by 57% of South Africans before 2000, and it is the preferred medium for business and personal communication.

10 fast facts you should know:

Fact #1: 99% of the SA online community use email

Fact #2: 93% of this community use email to share information online

Fact #3: 86% of SA email users subscribe to at least one permission-based email newsletter

Fact #4: 81% has more than one active email address

Fact #5: 75% read their emails first when going online

Fact #6: 61% goes online constantly during the day to check their email

Fact #7: 58% of SA online users have a degree or diploma

Fact #8: 53% are also reading emails on their mobile devices

Fact #9: 52% read their emails wherever they are: at work, at home or on the go

Fact #10: On average they spend between 1 and 2 hours reading or writing emails every day

Source: Everlytic and Effective Measure – September 2012

The SA online community are frequent users of email and as marketers we need to leverage this platform for maximum engagement.

Email marketing is cost-effective as marketers can select from a range of free email service providers. You can choose from various plans (pay-as-you-go or monthly) based on your budget and marketing needs.

5 tips you should practise:

Tip #1: Respect your readers with a personalised greeting

Tip #2: Supply relevant and useful information

Tip #3: Keep it short and simple

Tip #4: Use a simple layout design

Tip #5: Give them a reason to read your next email message

Are you really thinking about your email marketing strategies?

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