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Travelling is such a romantic and personal experience, and our individual requirements and tastes are as varied as a Moroccan spice souk. It fulfils our desire for new, enriching and captivating delights in lesser known and unknown (for the brave) explored destinations.

The reality is that the smartphone has become a very reliable partner in our travel journey from the dreaming moments, planning moments and booking moments, through to the experiencing moments.

Dreaming moments

In the dreaming moments, we know we want to get away but not sure where to go. The search begins right on the couch when the feeling grips us. The search query in this case is “best places to go” and the results are displayed within seconds: The best holiday destinations in the world; Top 10 holiday destinations; Holiday hotspots; Where to go in 2016; Best destinations in the world; Travellers’ Choice Awards; Vacation ideas; Travel Destination ideas. This content focuses on consumer intent and is more powerful because it can reach more of your target audience than if the content was written for a specific demographic. Demographic research was used as a proxy for people who might be interested in certain products and services. Intent beats identity. Google calls these intent-filled moments:  micro-moments. This is the opportunity to connect with people at the exact moment they are looking for something. Is your brand there?

Planning moments

In this phase, we want our holiday to be perfect; we want to think of all the possibilities. This search focuses on where to go and all the logistical details. They want to know how long it takes to get from one place to the next, how much it costs, and best travel times. This is right time for hotels to display rates, distances to the next town, places of interest and typical transportation costs to some key destination places. Once you’ve ensured you’re there to meet your customer, you then need to be useful in that moment. Think about unique, tangible ways your brand can help solve a problem or make life easier in real-time during a micro-moment.

Booking moments

Booking moments will lead to action when we are sure and confident. This is biggest moment, as it ultimately shows commitment. It’s essential to remove all unnecessary steps from the purchasing process during this phase and to make the mobile checkout process as easy as possible.

Experiencing moments 

In the experiencing moments, we want to make the most of each moment and capture it too. As travellers get familiar with where they are, they also immediately begin deciding what they want to do. Often people are looking either for a place to stay (“hotels near me” is a common term) or something to eat or drink (“food near me,” “breakfast near me,” “restaurants near me,” “bars near me”).

Knowing and understanding your potential consumer’s intent means you can meet them in the moments that matter and deliver helpful content.


Author: Gillian Loos

Source: Travel Trends for mobile; Why consumer intent is more powerful than demographics