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The way we shop has evolved. Digital technology and media have changed the way we think, do business, engage socially and how we shop. When Google did some research with Shopper Sciences in 2012 which focused on the shopper’s purchase journey, it resulted in a new discourse. The traditional brand decision-making purchase funnel is being rapidly replaced by an open flight journey with several connected stops. The conclusion is simply this: online search has exceeded family and friends as the most-used (and influential) source of information. Consumers are now becoming more trustworthy of online search-fed information.

The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is the point at which a shopper is not convinced which brand to purchase that will best satisfy their need. They are at the start of their purchase cycle and search engines are a convenient and neutral channel for shoppers to engage with at this point.

At the Zero Moment of Truth, today’s shoppers bounce back and forth at their own speed in a multi-channel marketplace. They switch devices to suit their needs at any given moment. They search; go off to look at reviews, ratings, styles and prices; and then search again. They see ads on TV in newspapers and online. They walk into local stores to look at products. They talk to friends, over the back fence and on social media. In short the shopper’s journey looks less like a funnel and more like a flight map. (ZMOT Handbook, Google)

So what has ZMOT got to do with content marketing?

When shoppers land on your website or social media pages for more information in their ZMOT phase, what content are you publishing that will convert them to their first moment of truth? Are your competitors offering more value-for-money deals on the day? Have you given them a reason to trust your brand? Are you available on multiple channels? Does your content display correctly on different devices?

Marketing guru, Seth Godin says; “When you have a choice in what to buy, you will first and foremost (and second and third in fact) base your choice on a simple question, “who do I trust to keep the promise that the marketers are making?”” (The Trust Brand, Seth Godin)

We only buy convincingly from trusted brands. What message are you communicating to your shoppers on your digital platforms? Do your shoppers trust you to deliver your brand promise?

Email us on info@contentum.co.za and we will plot a course with you, zoning into your shopper’s journey today.

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