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What is “stock” content?

  • It is a term given to “long form” or “static” content, i.e. longer articles that reads a bit like a feature article
  • It can be found on “owned media” such as on a company or brand’s website or mobile site
  • By definition these “owned media” channels are controlled by the company or brand
  • The role of these channels is to build long term relationships with existing and potential clients
  • The benefits are that “stock content” is controlled, it has a long shelf life and does not need to be updated regularly such as company information
  • The challenges are that in general company communication is not well trusted compared to other channels
  • There are no guarantees that “stock content” gives your company or brand credibility in your consumer’s eyes.

What is “flow” content?

  • It is a term given to “short engaging streams”, i.e. this is typically short, concise sentences called ‘snack’ content.
  • It can be found on “earned media” platforms such as social media networks
  • It is on these platforms that discussion topics go ‘viral’ and get ‘buzzing’ as a result of commenting and sharing
  • By definition “earned media” is when customers become the channel – they do the marketing for you
  • The role of these channels is to “listen and respond” and to encourage a two-way dialogue
  • The benefits are that “flow content” is timely and is relevant to your consumer for a short period of time which results in increased brand awareness and sales for your brand
  • The challenges are that the brand owner has no control, it also means having to deal with negative and neutral sentiments.

“The brands that will set themselves apart from the rest will have an ALWAYS-ON strategy that supports both stock & flow content.” JAMES (Blog @ Percolate)

For more on this go to http://blog.percolate.com/2012/content-and-the-internet/.

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