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In the beginning nobody really knew what content to publish on their websites, everyone followed someone – and that someone used their website as a product brochure.

Pretty pictures + price = complete website.
This was in the 90’s.

Then why is this still being done?

Now website owners face a minefield of elements, threatening the visibility and competitive ranking of their website. Merely listing all your products along with a mediocre picture no longer cuts it. These days you need high quality images, beautifully written product descriptions, a brand story for your visitor to connect to, and most importantly, you need ENGAGING CONTENT. LIFESTYLE CONTENT.

What is this, and how is it relevant to my brand, you may ask?

Well, consider this: you go on a date. Your date is beautiful, handsome, sexy. You like what you see (product). Their taste in food, drinks is not terribly expensive and they seem to take good care of themselves – you glad you’re here (value).

Then you ask about their hobbies, what they do for fun.


Do they work, is it enjoyable?


What else do they do, say, on weekends? Enjoy sport, art, reading..?

No. Nothing.

Listen to music; like to hike, cook, shop, watch movies..?

No… Nothing!

Now, at this point you start to get worried. There must be something wrong with this person. All work, no play? No play at all? Surely that goes over and beyond being dedicated to work, this person seems to have no life?  Dare you say, this person is … boring!

There you go. Branded websites without lifestyle content can look beautiful, sexy and like good value at first glance but then the fun is over. There is no content to make the brand interesting, to engage you, to make you think of a long-term relationship.
So what do you do? You pay the bill and go look for someone more interesting.

Contact CONTENTUM to make your website more interesting and to get you ready for a long term relationship (marriage) with your consumers.  Visit us on www.contentum.co.za or contact us on info@contentum.co.za for a date.

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