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Every consumer-facing business and most B2B companies should have a blog. It is true that it can become a time-consuming endeavour but with a small amount of planning and organising, you can create a strong and valuable voice for your brand that will deepen your customer relationships and brand loyalty in a way that few other marketing efforts will be able to do.

We highlight 8 of the best reasons why your business should have a blog:

  1. A blog allows you to tell your brand story and to introduce the brand personality to readers. By taking this approach, consumers will gain insights into the brand’s philosophy and principles, and your brand will be able to build emotional connections and relationships with your customers.
  2. In the world of advertising where one-way communication is the rule rather than the exception, a blog creates a far more engaging, two-way conversation with your customers. Encourage interaction with your blog and always respond to questions or comments on your blog.
  3. Regarded as the core of the content marketing, a blog provides an excellent feed of original content to your media distribution platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  4. In addition, Google rates original and regularly updated content highly, therefore your blog is worth its weight in gold when it comes to positively affecting your search engine ranking and SEO success.
  5. A company blog is a fantastic way to build industry credibility by communicating your industry expertise in a relevant and interesting way. Over time, sharing good quality and useful information through your blog, will position you as a reliable source of credible information in the minds of your customers.
  6. Statistically, B2B blogs enjoy 67% more leads than non-blogging businesses; those that do also receive 87% more links to their website. A study by Ignite showed that 61% of consumers confirmed that they have made a purchase after reading a blog post.
  7. A successful blog can also generate effective PR exposure for your brand. If your blog is valued and respected, it won’t take long for journalists and complementing brands to take notice of your position as an expert or thought leader in your industry.
  8. Finally, your blog will deliver some interesting insights and research of your readers’ behaviour. Blog analytics will reveal the most popular and share topics, click-through rates and comments from readers.

In summary, your blog should showcase original, relevant and engaging content related to your brand and very importantly, must be updated regularly such as weekly or bi-weekly.

Think about it this way: the people you communicate with frequently, and whose company you enjoy, tend to generally have a closer relationship with you than someone you speak to only every few months. Foster your customer relationships and reward their support with well-written and informative blog posts; the return, both in sales conversion rates and improved website statistics, will be incredibly rewarding.